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You can support women and girls empowerment through a variety of ways.
Join us and make a significant difference in Rwanda's rural and urban areas.


You can pledge to contribute a fee to support one individual woman in our programs. Your support will provide the tools and resources your sister needs to rebuild her life. You’ll give an out-of-school girl or teen mother a chance to resume her classes and receive vocational and business skills training that can change her life. Your generous support, you will instil hope for the future in a woman and in return for your kindness, you’ll receive regular updates via email about her progress.


You can get involved in the work that we do by giving us your time and talents. We value the contribution of our volunteers and the impact they make with us. As a volunteer at Impanuro Girls Initiative, you will have the opportunity to use and enhance your personal and professional skills and perhaps gain valuable experience that will help you in the future while making a difference in your community.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships are an essential component of the work that we do. We work with public institutions, companies, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals, to create a lasting impact in the lives of communities. To learn about unique strategic partnership opportunities, please write to


Your valuable donation will help us ensure women and girls are empowered and feel supported through testing times.

  • $50 - can provide enough food supplies to a teen mother and her child for a month
  • $100 - can provide over 100 sanitary pads to vulnerable girls and women and help us reduce period poverty
  • $300 - can sponsor an out-of-school girl attend a vocational skills training program for a year

  • You can also make an in-kind donation as an individual, corporation, and/or business. Some examples of tangible in-kind donations are physical gifts such as clothing and shoes, menstrual hygiene products, food and school supplies, as well as office supplies.


Invite your friends for any gathering or on your special day such as a birthday, or graduation and let them know how they can join you in supporting women and girls improve their lives through the Impanuro Girls Initiative. We are happy to help you structure it and ensure it becomes a success. For more information and guidance, please email

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