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“That awkward moment when you remain with zero hope for tomorrow, only worries and fear to face a new day; that was my situation back then,” Alice said.

Alice Nyirandikubwimana is a 28-years old single mother of one, living in Gitega Sector of Nyarugenge District in Kigali City, she joined Impanuro Girls Initiative programs in May 2022 In a Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights training, during the training she found out that IGI have a saving group and leadership project that was ongoing and wanted to join since she has been robbed which led her business to fail. She wanted to join IGI to gain back her confidence and be able to save in order for her to start another small business.

Later, she joined the ICYIZERE Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), which she believes has changed her life and shaped a new style although the first days were challenging due to lack of financial resources. She took a small loan from a friend and started pledging every week just like other members of ICYIZERE VSLA, after a few months she started her informal business again where is currently selling groceries in her neighborhood. Alice is now serving as Icyizere’s Secretary and striving to become a great business woman she aspires to be with the support of ICYIZERE savings.

Alice serves as a Secretary in our Icyizere women savings groups.

At the introduction of NDASHOBOYE project, Alice joined the project and she is among the eighteen girls and young women who are expected to graduate from the project in March, soon to start implementing the gained knowledge from the program with the support from IGI.

“Ndashoboye project helped me in so many ways; I learnt public speaking, how to identify my strengths, abilities and set goals to expand my business to a wholesaler level; I believe I will achieve it in the near future,” Alice says.

Alice being a young single mother has shown a good leadership spirit which made the group to entrust her with responsibilities in a short time after joining the saving group. Her courage and dedication to serving others demonstrate how empowered she is becoming.

Alice’s journey to financial independence is an inspiring one.

When vulnerability meets shyness and lack of confidence, a person’s self esteem goes down. IGI introduced the Ndashoboye project after noticing that many of the right holders, although they are equipped with SRHR skills, still struggle with low self esteem, and are not aware of their hidden potentials and strengths. NDASHOBOYE unleashes the confidence within the girls and young women and become the leaders they never believed to become despite the social culture and norms that make it harder for them, Alice is one the exemplary leaders we currently have.

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