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What We Do

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Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Impanuro Girls Initiative focuses on improving knowledge, access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services, the prevention and response of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV).


We promote easy and reliable access to SRHR, family planning, and safe abortion services.

We equip young girls and women with knowledge and skills about all body changes during puberty and beyond as well as tools to promote proper menstrual health management.

We strive to ensure every woman and girl is free from Sexual Gender Based Violence. We raise awareness on the prevention and response of this growing issue.

Women Economic Empowerment and Leadership

We build and enhance capacity for girls and women through a variety of programs. From vocational programs for out of school young women, to access to finance programs, to promoting saving and income generating projects we ensure we are building community networks for support and mentorship.


We create opportunities for out-of-school girls and unemployed women through Technical and Vocational Education and Training in sewing and fashion designing, baking and pastries and much more.

We encourage the culture of saving through Icyizere Village and Savings and Loans Association. The association not only serves as a savings group but also a safe space where beneficiaries meet regularly to save, develop business ideas, and share knowledge.

Through this program, we teach girls and women about self-love and care. They set personal goals and values that will lead them to being the person they want to be.

Community Health Promotion

Impanuro Girls Initiative values the critical importance of improving and protecting the health of communities we serve. We provide knowledge and counselling on mental health, prenatal and postnatal healthcare. We offer psycho-social support to teen mothers, and tailor mentorship programs for in-school girls.


We ensure vulnerable women and girls have health insurance, and engage them in prevention of the spread of diseases.

Mental health matters. We connect women and girls in need to psychologists who help them treat mental illnesses.

We provide knowledge about hygiene, nutrition of mothers and infants to rights holders including community health workers.

Access to safe water and sanitation is a human right. Impanuro Girls Initiative provides knowledge on the importance of proper sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water.

Gender Mainstreaming and Advocacy

We build alliances and partnerships with like-minded organisations to raise awareness on GBV issues and promote gender equality and its related policies and legal frameworks.

Our Impact


Individuals directly participated in our programs.


Women and girls directly benefited from our Icyizere Savings Association.


Girls were supported to resume their education.


Individuals received SRH services such as contraceptives, period products, and more.

In their own words…

Hear how our work has made a difference to the lives of women and girls we serve.

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